Present Visitor Registrations

Registration area is that one place, where the visitor spends maximum of his time while he is visiting an exhibition at the Registration counter to get the badge to enter either an exhibition, expo or an office. The most important aspect is easy entry to its users through the Easy Print Kiosks, which recognizes the information and prints the badge if necessary.

Beating the QUEUE with Easy Print Kiosk

• Easy Print Kiosk is designed using the latest technology, which supports multi platform approach.
• Its the most time saving tool available today for helping visitors register and enter an Expo/Conference.
• Helps visitors register at their leisure time and get the print once they are at the Venue.
• No need to search for a pen, no need to staple a visiting card, no need to stand in queue to get the badge.
• Simply Scan | Print | Enter.
• Open API available to add the registry into any app.
• Special eBadge app available for exhibitions where there is no official expo/conference app.
• Collection of data is easy, seamless and secure.
• As Easy Print Kiosk is a standalone tool, it can be placed at various places, where the visitors might be interacting.


1. The printed copies are of two types, thermal print which is 3 inch in size and the normal colour print.
2. Thermal print comes with all the designs and other required elements as per the UFI guidelines, which comprises of the Bar Code, QR Code with special identity of visitor.
3. To get the API for a specific exhibition, organiser needs to create form from the exhibitionz.com website and generate the API for the specific exhibition.
4. Using the eBadge app, you can also use the Easy Print Kiosk once the form is generated on the website.
5. The data generated through the kiosk will be submitted at the end of the day of exhibition.
6. In case you have queries related to using of the API, please feel free to call us at 9922181113.

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